Sofi A

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  1. Margarete Luimes

    Hi, Tony,

    I’m glad I found you, since met-art does not show your sets any more.

    I want to inform you, there are a few bugs on the site.

    Sofi A “Sunset Strip” is not linked, as well as Fleur’s set.

    Hope this helps and have a great day.

    • murano

      Maggie, hello!
      We fixed the links!
      Thank you, for your comment! If you find something else, please write!
      Yes, I don’t work with Met-art any more.
      Now I hasten to tell everyone about starting my own project: My naked dolls.
      And I am grateful to everyone, who helps me in this.

  2. SpiderWeb41

    OMG! I have downloaded every Video I could find of Sofi A. I h ave come to understand that she
    and I have something in common; we both like to eat pussy. Over the past 5 plus years if I ‘d saved
    all the sperm my cock as ejaculated, in saluting her, I’d have a gallon jug overflowing – she t-h-r-i-l-l-s
    Tony, is it possible to talk Sofia A into doing a “pussy exposing” video for you and I, and all the
    babes who prefer eating pussy or being eaten by another “pussy-eating-babe!”

  3. chump456

    have always enjoyed Sofi A, wherever I find her galleries, watching her grow and mature as a model has been a joy, not done well here. pity.

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