I want to introduce to you a model by name Nicole in continuation of my story.

And to tell you how everything is began.

We met at warm autumn day in the cafe and had a long conversation about photography. We talked about what she ‘s got and reasons to begin. Nicole really wanted to try and then we decided not to postpone the first test shooting and take a few photos at the same day.

We went to the beach.

Here, as I expected, all the courage is over. If you think it’s easy to get completely naked in front of a photographer, I can answer – it’s not easy.

So the first day I always shooting the model in beautiful lace lingerie, that model to get used to me, to the camera, to the light, to herself. I always show pictures and we discuss each pose.


Believe me, the first time is very difficult to relax even in the underwear, take a look at this picture: Nicole’s eyes shows the horror of the approaching stranger.
In same way passed our first day of meting.

You can see in that photos, how Niсole looked at that day(all photos made without using the Photoshop)

Yours, Tony

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