I photographed one young and shy girl a few years ago. She was embarrassed not only of me, but it seemed of herself too.First-time-model_Louisa-A_low_001

She suddenly said to me on my recent proposal to work: “Yes, I wanted to come back! I had something to say and show for people. “

I was very surprised when the shy Louisa A told me about her deals.

As it turned out, she didn’t waste time. Louisa A is not master of yoga only, but art teacher of blowjob and specialist of wombuilding too. She skillfully holds her body. You could find that for example of the photo shoot: “What’s under the yoga pants

She gladly agreed to show us their new knowledge. We wait for a lot of video and photo, which we will be able to learn more about the techniques of body control, as well as enjoy the result of her training in the near future. Many photos and videos are suitable for sharing view, so the girls will be able to see what their bodies able to. Maybe it will be a step on the way to new knowledge, to look at sex with a completely different and unknown side previously.

First-time-model_Louisa-A_low_012After all these emotions and orgasms you won’t see any more on one site! It can encourage your honey and start to study yourself, for the sake of you two very different pleasures and for increasing the diversity of your sex life.

Regards, Tony

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