Kesha: sex in her…💣💣💣
I often travel and I create photos and video with Girls from around the World. Recently my friend has acquainted me with the charming blonde. She was very lovely and seemed fragile. I did not even notice how tall she was.  And only on the day of  our first shooting I discovered that she has the growth of a professional baseball player. In front of me stood a girl 180 cm tall.
Kesha is a unique girl. Even at a distance you can feel her energy. She incinerates you her sexual energy and returns to life a sweet gentle smile. I think you will feel it yourself, when you get acquainted with several photo stories ot videos on the site. If you say that she likes you, then in the very next few days we will shoot a few movies with her.


And believe me, she can surprise you with beautiful dances and ability to finish you to… Even at a distance.
I await your comments.
With respect and gratitude for attention,

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