I am the Minister of Foreign Affairs


Wendy is the famous Russian top model. She works at displays of such fashionable houses as Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Valentin Yudashkin, Igor Gulyaev. She was born and grew up in a wonderful family. She has got an education at one of the European schools and now continues to study in Russian University. 

In 4 years she will be a Diplomat. Her dream is to work the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

But there is a downside to her life. The real little imp with angelic wings is behind the lovely intelligent lady.
Here is how she describes herself:

“My profession and the status of my family don’t allow me to show all emotions. And having only chance to do it – appeared on that side of a camera. Caught in a magical world of photography. I can receive a freedom of expression. I am cheerful!

I like to make faces, pose for the camera. Sometimes I want to undress and just to smile to the whole world in Eve’s suit. And me only 18! I want to be myself! I want that I was loved for my mood, my true emotions, my kind character! And still I am a sweet tooth! Young sexual sweet tooth!”

For certain reasons we can’t tell of a real name of Wendy. But you can see her on covers of magazines about fashion and beauty, on the Forbes pages,or in a few years in policy news. And now enjoy her debut!


Have a nice day, my friends.

2 Responses to “I am the Minister of Foreign Affairs”

  1. Sven

    Tony created a real showcase of her versatility in Undressing Wendy. From elegant and refined to mischievous and playful, but always sexy. It’s easy to see why she’s a top model, and I hope there are many more opportunities to express herself here in photos and video over the next four years.

    • Zhaklin

      If in the shooting location will be a lot of sweets and chocolate. She’s sweet-tooth

      Yes, we are planning to shoot her at the near future

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