I’m always interested to know your opinion.

And now I would like to ask: what type of shooting you want to see in near future?
  1) Photos
  2) Movies

What would you like to see? Gentle girls in the style of Erotic Glamor? Or the photo/video with masturbation or toys? Maybe just only naked?
With intimate lighting or vice versa with soft lighting?
In the interior or in the landskape, on the nature?
In the beautiful clothes or underwear (for example: in sexy lacy lingerie and stockings)?

I look forward to your answers!

Thank you!
Always yours, Tony

4 Responses to “Choose you favorite shooting style”

  1. Joe Rauchenstein

    I like moves more than photos – but photos are o.k. too.
    I like nude girls; masturbation is not a need; peeing is nice an erotic.
    I loke glamour style and nice dessous or sexy clothes an underware. Erotic teasing and strip I like very much. Full scenery in chang with closeups.
    I like girls in landscape and nature but also inhose scenes like you do!
    Your site is one of the betters.
    Sometimes I feel, that the movies are a little bit long – 10 minutes or so is o.k.
    Thank you Tony!

  2. Jak

    I would love to see more movies with more masturbation with glass toys.
    The glass pussyball is VERY unique and sexy! I’ve never seen that on any other website.
    I like intimate interiors and sexy lingeries, so more glamor. The new Lilith Von Titz movie “Not Alone” Is very good example (i reallye joyed the first 20 minutes, not the last six minutes though).
    “Eat my Juicy” is one of my most favorite videos from any site!
    Gorgeous lady, beautiful production, and a fantastic wet creamy performance from Dani, So more like that please.

  3. Jak

    And the 20 minute videos seems about right.
    Good teasing in the beginning, lots of sexy intimate masturbation later on.

  4. Sparky

    Your site is fantastic. I normally don’t care much for movies, but the movies on this site are by far the best I’ve ever seen. I love that the girls move slowly, enjoying themselves in a very erotic fashion. There is not enough erotica out there, but this site is outstanding.
    My preferences include indoors (not a fan of outdoor scenes), the girls wearing sexy lingerie (or clothing) and slowing removing it. I like both toys as well as just masturbation with fingers. Unusual toys such as the anal plug Louisa uses or the pussyball that Dani plays with is such a nice change from the typical dildo/vibrator. Peeing is an absolute bonus…the way you film Louisa in her peeing scenes is outstanding. Also, your close up filming is unbelievable, keep that coming!
    My number one request is no music, just the sounds of the scene being played out. Music is so distracting, I want to pretend I’m there watching the girls, hearing the groans, hearing the sounds of their fingers or toys.
    Thanks again for the great site and taking feedback from your members.

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