What panties to wear today?

Today in the Morning I had a question. When I chose: what panties to wear today.

Now I want to ask you: what models of women’s panties do you prefer?
What materials: cotton, silk…?
Lacy or smooth?
With a pattern or plain?

I’ll wait for your answers and examples of the favorite models of panties in the comments.
Three best comments will be awarded prizes.
  1st place – access for 1 month free + 15 exclusive photo with one of the models
  2nd place – access to 14 days
  3rd place – access for 7 days

P.S. I chose today, these panties

4 Responses to “What panties to wear today?”

  1. Thunderboy Reply

    Best choice: No panties! Let the natural beauty of a woman’s vagina be open for admiration! e.g. Any set of Zhaklin, or Assol, or any other model here, once the panties are off

    But if you had to select one,
    Black, Fine Flishnet (preferably silk), lacy border, plain (without pattern, except the plain fishnet) panties. e.g. Rachel B – Naughty Nights

  2. Coriolis Reply

    Zhaklin has a talent for asking difficult questions! How to choose just one, when variety is the spice of life? But I am sure that you would look cheekily wonderful in these Zhalkin!

    • Coriolis Reply

      I’ve uploaded a picture of the panties I was referring to in my comment.

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