I love to travel. Most of all I like to be in Italy. This is a fantastic country! I love her warm southern climate, which is different from the one in which I live. I live in the north. And that’s why I particularly like the coast. I like to swim in the sea, sunbathing on the hot sand. I love the architecture of Italy – it is fabulous. But most of all, like any woman, I like Italian designers. Arriving in Italy, I can’t even remember, what I just came here to shoot, and that as one of the top models should pose nude.
I have only one desire – to walk on my favorite shops and fly home no with one handbag, and with two or three bags of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, as well as perfumes and cosmetics.
I like to be an erotic model and pose naked. But sometimes I really want you to see me like this. Completely dressed, transparent fabrics intriguing and provocative poses, how a girl who could live next door to any of you!

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  1. Hipshot131 Reply

    I could look at Chantelle fully dressed all day long! Naked is very nice but dressed like this is more real and every bit as sexy.

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