2 Responses to “I’m waiting for you call”

  1. Norman Reply

    Sandra, call me! Best pussy and labia! I want to kiss them!

  2. SpiderWeb41 Reply

    Sandra blew me away! I found her to be f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! I loved the hairstyle and the way the curls went down her back and caressed her breasts.
    The lace outfit was a knockout. Her numerous possess kept my interest, gone me hard and kept me hard. I now have a permanent hard on for Sandra.
    The use of the mirror accentuated the erotic feeling of the set. I felt like I was sitting in her bathroom, watching, being aroused by her, waiting to take
    her to her bed, and make love to her. I was extremely aroused both with Sandra and her outfit. The black lace over her pussy was a turn on. I’m aware
    that this is an older set but it would be wonderful if you could get her again and do a video with her. You obviously perfected your photo skills early on..

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