Teddy bear and other plush friends Rose

Rose is cosmopolitan girl if you allow so to speak.
She is in constant motion. Today she is in the USA, tomorrow in Thailand, the day after tomorrow in Russia, and in a week in Japan. Her life as fireworks! She is lovely and very smiling. Also she is always ready to try on any image. But when I worked with her, I asked her not to play. To be absolutely natural.
She is the girl for all 100%! She adores all gentle and beautiful. Loves animals and the people surrounding her.
And always with her iphone and her favorite bears. She is the real fan of teddy bear and other plush toys: rabbits, dogs. Bears plush, earrings and pendents in the form of bears.
Rose is a vegetarian. She tries to keep nature and animals, and also against murder of animals to sew the next fur coat.
With Rose we prepared a lot of surprises for you. Follow our updatings.

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