Marta M

Marta M

Model's information

Age when shot: 25   Breasts: large
Eye color: brown   Shaved: trimmed
Hair color: brown   Measurements: 37/24/35
Height: 5’6″   Country: Ukraine
Weight: 121 lbs   Ethnicity: Caucasian


My life – is fireworks of feelings and emotions! Every day I try to do something that, will give me and others something wonderful. I love animals and I try every day to devoting time to my dog named Archi.
In the summer, I sometimes go to the village to the grandmother. Near the village through a beautiful forest, filled with bright colors and wonderful twittering birds, river flows. I will necessarily go there. I find there secluded place and enjoy the opportunity to lie absolutely naked under the hot rays of the sun and splash in the cool water.

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6 Responses to “Marta M”

  1. Everett Reply

    She’s simply gorgeous. That’s all I have to say. ;)

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  2. Sasha Reply

    Eyes to die for and a body to live for. She is really new star! Thank you, Tony!

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  3. Michael Reply

    Lovely! I hope she is as Sweet a Woman as she is pretty, and I hope she is respected for both!

    Except for Blue Eyes, she’s about as Perfect as perfect gets!

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  4. Robert the Wallace Reply

    OMG: Marta M. is Absolutely Exquisite. . .she truly is one Beautifully Sculpted woman! !
    Would really Love to know more about her–her likes/dislikes, passions, favorite pastimes, favorite foods/beverages. . .Especially, date of birth { and birthplace }.
    Clearly, Marta is a Special and most physically gifted woman–who, as a previous poster has commented already, I hope is as gifted personality–wise as she is total Eye–Candy! ! ! GOD BLESS you Marta, long life!

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