I was afraid of violence

fix-my-ssr_oksana_low_058When I first saw Oksana, I couldn’t believe that she work in the Escort agency. She is very charming, young and beautiful girl. Oksana told me, that once she was in urgent need of money. But the work for her was not found, She did not have more education. She had just finished school. And she got a job working in an escort agency.

She describes her work as follows:

“At first I was afraid that customers would be inadequate, will pester me to do what I do not wish I was afraid of violence, but it turned out these it’s men understanding exactly what I am working in an escort and not a prostitute.
Yes, spending time with lonely men – it is a very profitable business for me, I can afford to buy what I want, to receive a lot of presents. Now I live in the capital, in Moscow, and not in the city of Novaja Ljalja, where I come from. I travel often. I was recently in Paris. I really liked it!
Soon I save up money and give up this job. I plan to open my salon beautiful clothes and underwear. This is my dream!
In the meantime, I am absolutely happy with my life. It is a rich and very interesting!”

I managed to take a picture of Oksana on her car, which was a birthday gift from once of her admirer.

I hope you appreciate my work.
In the meantime, I hasten to look for another is not a model but a simple girl. On the life which, I”ll tell you the next time.

With a camera and guidebook in hand.
Your Izzy.


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