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    Tony Murano

    Who such Tony Murano?

    Probably, time came to tell a little about myself.

    I, as well as all from us, people 🙂 was born and grew. Yes, I want to tell, thanks, my parents, who surrounded me the love and care.

    All of my carefree childhood I was engaged in favorite activities : designing , games with friends , and all the rest , what we engaged in the childhood, while didn’t come yet an era of the Internet, social networks and million gadgets.

    I found myself in music. For many years I was engaged in game on percussion instruments. I acted much. It was something tremendous that it is almost impossible to describe words. Music is a condition, a soul melody. And, be it drums or xylophone – this rhythm is the heart of any melody. And the ” lead ” it is this “authority” in any of the songs had been entrusted to me. So, in my youth , I got my first profession. And, probably, for the first time realized that I am a person of art. I have different values and understanding of life.

    At this time I had another creative direction, inside me nascent love of photography. She slowly developed, blowing their “roots” in me. But then I had not yet realized that the photography is exactly, what I want to do, what I want to devote my life.

    Me in some way is very lucky. I since the childhood saw the real professional cameras. Those, which shoot on film. And the masterpiece could only create true masters , artists, creators , who lived photograph, lived in this art ! After all, if there were no modern technology and no retouching could not save bad your pictures .

    My father was the photographer. And I’ve often watched him in the process. It was for me fascinating occupation.
    As the years passed, the school was graduated. The serious profession is chosen. It seems that ‘s all, what would happen next in life decided. But no, I increasingly began to think about photography. There was nothing more interesting to me than to shoot , develop film, print photos. Allowing others to see the world the way I see it.

    I took the important decision – to take up photography. I was shooting in a variety of styles. I like to show the world exactly the way I saw it . And it isn’t important: whether it be the butterfly who has sat down on a flower or an interior which seemed to all at first sight ordinary, but I saw it absolutely other and people agreed in it with me, when saw it in photos. I was shooting people. It were business portraits, a portfolio, various reportings, advertizing and fashion shooting.

    Once, having seen my works, the editor invited me to work for “Penthouse”. It was my very first work for the world famous erotic magazine. You can imagine what happy there was a 20-year-old

     young man who happened to work with so known edition. I was madly proud to it.

    Passed some months. I worked over the big project: I shooting for one of editions, euphoria passed and those shootings were not the erotic contents. And one day, one day, in my hands got a videotape, Yes, it was so long ago in the 90s of the last century 🙂 It was the movie about photographers of “Penthouse”. Having looked at it, I reflected: why I am not able to afford to show women, beauty of a female body, them I smother such, what I can see them? And then I decided that that shooting was not casual. It was a life-changing event .

    I started working with Penthouse, Playboy, FHM and many other magazines. After the development and spread of the Internet, has also run projects such as Met-Art, Femjoy and others.

    The years went by, the equipment changed, the film was replaced by the digital photo. Technologies don’t stand still. Also from year to year and I changed my creative vision . So you will never see in my new work “old” Murano. Now, besides the photos, I make the first steps in the video. This is an opportunity for a different world to capture the beauty and grace of the female body, to show it the way I see it.

    This is just the beginning , the beginning of the path, the way to myself … way to finding the true beauty … the art of erotic photography.

    The world changes and people change. Someone speaks Evolution, someone degradation. But the beauty and the cult of the nude, the beautiful body, open soul to permeates century, an era of the Millennium. And I am grateful to destiny that I have an opportunity to be engaged in this art, to be involved the beautiful.

    And I ‘ll be glad if you will accompany me on this way

    Ever yours, Tony Murano

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    Such an inspiration!

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    Tony Murano

    Thank you, Sara!

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