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    Tony Murano

    We discuss: what’s more interesting?

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    Photos, to collect sets of pictures! Its more amazing watching a set of pictures than a video. A video has its limits but with photos you can find THAT picture that will catch your eye. You can see so much more in art with a lot of pictures than just a video.

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    Hi! I agree with you, Sara, the photos allow us to enjoy every single detail and atmosphere, the video runs too fast to allowing this. However, the video also contains a little magic, it allows us to “steal” the secrets of a photographer and magic of a photosession. I also love the backstage atmosphere.

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    Tony Murano

    Thank you!

    Soon I will post the first video, corresponding to the some of your offers.

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    I am very interested in your films, but have no interest in photos.

    I will be regular member of your website if you provide a new video every week.

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    Videos…no need to discuss ūüėÄ

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    I’ve noticed a few changes in the site¬†layout recently.¬† Most are improvements, but there¬†were also no¬†videos posted during all of February.¬† Was that just because you were busy with the other changes, or will¬†you now¬†focus on still photography only?

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    hi tony i would like to see a more new pics and vids of LADA, especially vids!:)

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