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    Hi, guy. I haven’t been around her for a while but glad to see some nice updates since my last entry. The girls are amazing and the high level of eroticism matches the quality of the pictures, however, I do still think there’s a plethora of fine-looking women we all would love to see in MND. Here are some names from my wish list:Jenny. A stunning newcomer, I could bet she’s going to be the next big thing. Sneshka/Candice/Felicity. I just can’t get enough of her. Faye D. Sweet-looking girl, I haven’t seen more photoshot of her recently so I wonder If she’s still in the biz. Miranda/Lil G I just love her. 🙂

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    <p>I’m going to use this thread with some more model requests/recommendations if I may (I’m glad you got Isabella D on board by the way, I didn’t think of her but she is outstanding).</p>

    • Night A — How could I forget her last time? This is a no brainer: you absolutely must have this goddess on MND! She has the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, her big labia are exquisite and with your skills I’m sure it would be heavenly!
    • Astrud A — She’s just lovely all around with a smile to die for.
    • Ardelia A — I love her lovely face and she has a beautiful fit body, and her eyes are very deep.
    • Augusta Crystal — Blonde stunner with a lovely flower.
    • Delfina A — Another blonde stunner with a lovely flower. 🙂
    • Daisy Gold — Busty doll with great curves imo.
    • Alma A — Super cute blonde with a lovely face.

    <p>Cheers, and again I think you are by far the best erotica photographer.</p>

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    Jack V.
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    Sofi is very beautiful girl !
    I’m sure that Tony has her next older photos.
    The last update was on 21 May last year.
    It is such a long time.

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    Did you see Gloria Sol from Met-Art?

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