Fetishes in sex

Today I would like to know about your fetishes in sex. I think each of us has something, that we love.

Maiden-satisfaction_Charlotte_006For example, someone likes a girls in high heels and in erotic underwear, for example, stockings and belts in a retro style. And some men’s to prefer a girls dressed in latex.

I, as a girl, can say, that I’m not indifferent to the beautiful lingerie and love to wear seductive gowns, stockings and lacy underwear. I have about 30 sets and the collection is constantly growing 🙂 And I adore beautiful footwear!

And some of us certainly enjoy role-playing costumes. What is also can diversify sex life.X-factory_Mazantera_003

One more big fetish is voyeurism, exhibitionism.

And some of us is crazy about a particular part of the body: arms, fingers, legs, ass, lips on the face or genital lips, hair…

One of the great fetish – is domination. Surely at least once each of us wanted to experience it for yourself.

I can continue this list of fetishes for a long time. But in fact, I am more interested to learn about your fetishes and fantasies. And also I am ready to answer any of your most frank questions.

Gently kiss you, yours Zhaklin.

4 Responses to “Fetishes in sex”

  1. Thunderboy Reply

    I find it really sexy when a girl squats down and takes a long pee, with an uninhibited joy or relief evident on her face. An excellent example of such a scene (image attached) was in ‘Pee Secret Paradise’ with Assol and that really raised expectations. However, it has been a disappointment that since then only 1 video and 1 pic set featuring peeing have been published on MyNakedDolls. Urination is a perfectly natural thing that every girl does everyday, more often than she even masturbates, and I think it is only fitting that it is featured very regularly in a site known for its natural beauty. Yes, it might not be everyone’s fetish, but it’s certainly a sight enjoyed by the majority of erotica audiences these days if it is properly portrayed, in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Again, Assol’s scene is one of the best examples. Here’s hoping for much more peeing content on MND. 🙂

      • Thunderboy Reply

        Thanks for your reply Zhaklin. It’s great to know that the viewers’ opinions are taken seriously here.
        Just to add to my previous comment, in future shootings, could you please make the pee scenes longer and more elaborate? In scenes in which the girls pee into a toilet, the view of the urine stream mostly gets hidden by the toilet seat. It would be better if the girls pee on a floor or on a ground/mud/snow outdoors so that the entire stream of piss (and the piss puddle on the floor/ground) is visible. Also, if the girls can drink a lot of water in advance so that they can urinate more and we can enjoy a longer peeing scene? 🙂

  2. Jak Reply

    I have a wedding dress fetish. I want to see a beautiful women putting on the wedding dress, stripping, and masturbating in the wedding dress or wedding lingeries.

    I have a thing for pregnant women as well, there’s nothng more feminine than a soft, swollen, pregnant women. Lactation also turns me on a lot.

    Voyeurism is also very erotic, spying on a women masturbating is very sexy.

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